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Tourist spots

Tourist spots

Asahina Kiridoshi Pass


Asahina Kiridoshi is one of the Kamakura's seven Kiridoshi passes and there are still remnants of how the ancient road used to be. It has been officially-designated historical site. In 1240, it was constructed under the supervision of the regent Hojo Yasutoki. He decided to construct a new road between Kamakura and Mutsura and the following year, construction was started. The Asahina Pass is named after the third son of Yoshimori Wada, Asahina Saburo Yoshimune, who, according to a legend built the pass by himself in a single night.


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Juniso, Kamakura City
The stone monument to Asahina Pass, Saburo falls.
From JR Kamakura Stationeast exit : At terminal No.5 take a bus bound for At Juniso , get off at Juniso Shrine and A 10-minute walk.

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