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Tourist spots

Tourist spots

Egara Tenjinsha Shrine


It is regarded as one of the three Great Tenjin of Japan and enshrines Sugawara no Michizane who is worshipped as the god of learning. It was built in 1104. It is said that the villagers built this shrine for providence after seeing gods descend in a thunderstorm.


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74 Nikaido, Kamakura City
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Kappa Fudezuka (tomb for brushes; illustrations by Kon Shimizu, calligraphy by Yasunari Kawabata). Painting Fudezuka (Kappa drawing by a contemporary cartoonist). Meido Ozaki haiku stone. Large ginkgo tree. Main shrine (Important Cultural Property of Japan).
[Spring] Japanese iris, azalea;
[Summer] hydrangea, alpine gesneriad;
[Autumn] red spider lily, yellow ginkgo leaves;
[Winter] daffodil, plum blossom
Hatsu-tenjin (Fudekuyo, service for used writing brushes: January 25); Harikuyo (service for used sewing needles: February 8); Saikou-sai (July 20); Reisai (July 25); Efudezuka festival (October)
[Public restrooms available]
From JR Kamakura Station East Exit: At Terminal No.4 take a bus bound for "Daito-no-miya", get off at"Tenjin-mae", and A 1-minute walk

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