Kamakura Visitor's Guide

Tourist spots

Tourist spots



Enoshima is a small island located in Fujisawa city, directly adjacent to Kamakura. It has been featured in many ukiyoe paintings, and is well known for its picturesque scenery. Nakamise street offers fresh seafood restaurants, steamed buns and shellwork souvenir stalls - you'll find Enoshima shrine, one of Japan's 3 great shrines of Saraswati.
Heading to the peak of Enoshima, you can find Enoshima's "Samuel Cocking Garden", with its "Enoshima Sea Candle" - a viewing platform that allows you to enjoy a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding scenery. From the top you can even see Mt. Fuji and Tokyo's Sky Tree Tower!
Towards the center of Enoshima is Enoshima Cavern. A mysterious cave created by wave erosion.

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