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Tourist spots

Tourist spots

Hojo Tokiwa Residence Site

Hojo Tokiwa Residence Site is an archaeological site which contains remains of the samurai residences of the Hojo Clan regent Masamura. It seems that the defence function was raised by placing the samurai residence in vicinity of Daibutsu Pass. The building ruins on base stones and many samurai artefacts were found through the archaeological excavations. These are valuable remains of the samurai from the Kamakura Period.


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Tokiwa, Kamakura City
0467-61-3857(Department of Cultural Assets)
A 25-minute walk from JR Kamakura Station West Exit
From JR Kamakura Station West Exit:At Terminal No. 1 take a bus bound for "Yama-no-Ue Rotary" or "Kamakura Chuo Park" , get off at Ikko-do and A 1-minute walk.

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