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Tourist spots

Tourist spots

Hokokuji Temple


It is said that Hokokuji Temple was founded in 1334 by Tengan Eko or Uesugi Shigekane, under patronage of Ashikaga Ietoki.With the magnificent bamboo garden behind, the Hokokuji is well known as the "bamboo temple". Kamakura's 33 Kannon No. 10.


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2-7-4 Jomyoji, Kamakura City
Donations accepted (Bamboo gardens: ¥200, Maccha: ¥500)
9:00 - 16:00 (closed from 12/29 - 1/3)
Legendary burial sites of Ashikaga Ietoki and Yoshihasa. Hojo - Nitta clan battle memorial tanka inscription. Kinoshita Rigen memorial tanka inscription. Tea ceremony (admission fee).
[Spring] flowering quince, rose
[Summer] conandron
[Winter] Winter sakura, camellia Japonica
Tripods prohibited
Public restroom available
At JR Kamakura station, take a bus from terminal no. 5 bound for Jomyoji and get off there. A 2-minutes by foot.

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