Kamakura Visitor's Guide

Tourist spots

Tourist spots

Nagoe Kiridoshi Pass

One of the the Kamakura's 7 Kiridoshi passes. Nagoe Kiridoshi Pass was originally the border separating Kamakura on the west and Miura on the east. It was opened up as a pass to lead into Miura from Kamakura. Among the 7 Kiridoshi, it was the most important strategic military location.


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Between Omachi, Kamakura City and Kotsubo, Zushi City
Nichiren Koimizu (One of Kamakura's 5 famous waters.) At the starting point on the Kamakura side.) Mandarado Caves (historical landmark)
1. A 25-minute walk from JR Kamakura station east exit
2. From JR Kamakura Station: At Terminal No.3 take a bus bound for Nagoe, get off at Choshoji and A 7-minute walk

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