Kamakura Visitor's Guide

Tourist spots

Tourist spots

Shomyoji Temple

Shomyoji Temple enshrines Amida trinity. It's nestled among the trees. You can enjoy the sound of waterfall or the murmuring of the river there. Originally called the Enso-ji it was founded by Kobo-daishi, who was said to also be head of the Fudo-do. In the Edo period, Chokuyo Renyu restored the main hall to the state it is in today. The waterfalls, representing cosmic dual forces, are dubbed the "male" and "female" waterfalls. A reconstruction of the Fudo-do is at the top of its flight of stone steps. In the compound visitors can see many stone Buddhist images.

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212-1 Kanazawa-cho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama
Approximately A 15-minutes on foot from the east exit of Kanazawa-Bunko station on the Keihin Keikyu line.
By bus, go to bus stop number 4 at the east exit of Kanazawa-Bunko station, get the bus headed to Shiba-cho and get off at the Shomyoji Temple stop.
Approximately A 15-minutes on foot from Uminokoen Shibaguchi station on the Kanazawa Seaside line.

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