Kamakura Visitor's Guide

Tourist spots

Tourist spots

Sugimotodera Temple


Sugimotodera Temple, founded by Gyoki, is said to be the oldest sacred ground in Kamakura, existing prior to Minamoto Yoritomo's arrival. Its mossy stone stairway lined by banners covered in calligraphy representing the eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy, Kannon, allow visitors to sense its rich history. Kamakura's 33 Kannon No. 1. Kamakura's 24 Jizo No. 4 and 6

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903 Nikaido, Kamakura City
Adult (middle school students and above) ¥200 Elementary school students ¥100
◆ Group discounts (min. 30 guests) Adult ¥160 Elementary school students ¥80
3 wooden statues of Kannon. One special 'masked' Kannon is said to have been made by priest Gyoki (city designated cultural asset). The other two are said to have been made by the priests Enin and Genshin (important national treasures). A monument with a haiku by Ozaki Ryodo.
[Summer] lotus blossom
[Winter] sasanqua
Annual pilgrimage day (August 10)
From JR Kamakura station: At terminal No.5 take a bus bound for Hachimangu - Shomyoji, get off at Sugimoto Kannon and A 1-minute walk

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