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Tourist spots

Tourist spots

Remains of Yofukuji Temple


Yofukuji Temple was constructed by Minamotono Yoritomo, who defeated the Oshu Fujiwara clan, to pray for the souls of the war dead of the enemy. According to archaeological evidence, three temple halls were lined up side by side along the entrance path. From there, the remains of a magnificent temple complete with a Jōdo style garden facing a pond with tsuridono, or fishing pavilions, on either side has been confirmed. Renovation is currently underway. Nominated for Inspection on the World Heritage List


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178 Nikaidō, Kamakura City
0467-61-3857 (Department of Cultural Property)
Points of Interest
Plant life preservation zone, renovation work observation
From JR Kamakura Station East Exit: At Terminal No.4 take a bus bound for "Daito-no-miya" and A 10-minute walk from the last stop

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