Kamakura Visitor's Guide



Kamakura Free Kankyo Tegata is a special and very useful pass
for traveling around Kamakura.


This pass allows you to ride as much as you like within a defined area on five bus and train lines that run through the most famous tourist attractions of Kamakura. You will also be able to receive discounts from participating shrines, temples, and museums, and special service from participating stores in the area.

Pass Available Area

train icon
Enoden Kamakura Sta.—Hase Sta.
bus icon
  • Kamakura Sta. East Exit Bus Terminal No.2—Kitakamakura Sta.
  • Kamakura Sta. East Exit Bus Terminal No.4—Daitonomiya
  • Kamakura Sta. East Exit Bus Terminal No.5—Jomyoji
  • Kamakura Sta. East Exit Bus Terminal No.1, 6—Daibutsumae
  • Kamakura Sta. East Exit Bus Terminal No.3—Nagoe

* You cannot ride the bus line leaving from Kamakura Sta. East Exit Bus Terminal No.7 and heading towards Kuhonji (circular route), Shin-Zushi Sta. and Kotsubo.

* On the bus heading towards Daitonomiya, you may freely ride all the way to the final stop. For other lines, please pay attention to the area you are allowed to travel freely in with the pass.

● Sales Places

Around Kamakura Sta. / Kamakura tourist information center (east exit, inside Ekisuto Kamakura), Enoden Kamakura Sta., Enoden Kamakura information center (east exit), Shonan Keikyu Bus
information desk at Kamakura Sta. (east exit)
Around Kitakamakura Sta. / Engakuji souvenir shop, Kitakamakura Old Private House Museum,
Tamagoya Shoten shop
Others / Enoden Hase Sta., Shonan Keikyu Bus Kamakura business office (Yuigahama 2-1-12)

● Price: Adult 550 yen、Child 280 yen

※Tickets are not sold on January 1, 2 and 3.

Riding the Enoden Line


The Enoden (Enoshima Railway) is a railway that connects Kamakura to Enoshima and Fujisawa.
- You can buy tickets at the ticket vending
- There are many stations without station attendants.
When you have no time to buy a ticket and get on a train, you can buy a replacement ticket from an on-board conductor. When getting off at a station with no attendants, you may give your ticket to a nearby conductor, or put it in a used ticket box.
- You may use PASMO/Suica cards.


Left: Used Ticket Box and
PASMO/Suica Touch
Panel (Use for exit)

Down: PASMO/Suica Touch
Panel (Use for entry)

Riding the Bus


- When getting on at the front of the bus: Tell the driver your destination, and pay the amount required, or swipe your PASMO/Suica card on the touch panel.
- When getting on at the back of the bus: take a numbered ticket, or swipe your PASMO/Suica card on the touch panel. When getting off, check the electronic board, and pay the amount indicated for the number on your ticket. If you use PASMO/Suica, swipe your PASMO/Suica card on the touch panel.
- You can get up to 1,000 yen changed on the bus
- You may use PASMO/Suica cards.

For bus and Enoden travel around the Kamakura area, the one day "Kamakura Free Kankyo Tegata" (one-day free pass) is a very useful and inexpensive option.

station map

Kamakura Station East Exit Bus Terminal ride guide table
No. Major Sites Along the Line Final Destination
No.1 Hasedera, Kotokuin (Ddaibutsu)
Fujisawa Sta., Kikyoyama
No.2 Tsurugaokahachimangu, Kenchoji,Kitakamakura ※Kitakamakura Sta. Ofuna Sta., Kamiooka Sta., Hongodai Sta.
Hasedera, Yuigahama, Inamuragasaki Shichirigahama
No.3 Nagoe, Choshoji ※Nagoe Shin-Zushi Sta., Midorigaoka Iriguchi
Enoshima-Kamakura Downtown Regular Sightseeing Bus
No.4 Tsurugaokahachimangu, Egaratenjinjn, Kamakuragu※Daitonomiya Daitonomiya
No.5 Tsurugaokahachimangu, Jomyoji
Kamakurareien Shomenmae Tachiarai,
Kanazawa-Hakkei Sta., Hairando (round)
No.6 Hasedera, Kotokuin (Daibutsu)
Daibutsumae, Kajiwara, Kamakurayama, Suwagaya, Enoshima, Ofuna Sta.
No.7 Kuhonji Kuhonji (round)
Kuhonji, Zaimokuza, Komyoji Shin-Zushi Sta., Kotsubo
※ is the final stop of the available area of "Kamakura Kankyo Free Tegata."
Please confirm the nearest stop to your destination on the maps.

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