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Itinéraires modèles

Divers itinéraires modèles pour apprécier les charmes de Kamakura

Actuellement, aucune information n'est disponible

MontagneDes randonnées autour de la nature des quatre saisons et des sites touristiques

June 30th,2020

Daibutsu Hiking Trail and a part of *Tenen Hiking Trail are reopened.
*The area between Tenen and Zuisenji entrance is still closed.

The whole area of Gionyama Hiking Trail is also closed.




Due to the damages from the typhoon on September 9th, all hiking trails in Kamakura (Kuzuharaoka/ Daibutsu/ Tenen/ Gionyama etc.) are closed.

If damages are repaired,we'll inform at this site.

Actuellement, aucune information n'est disponible


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