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Enjoy abundant local food and delicious seasonal cuisine

Kamakura has many eating establishments such as those specialized in local seafood and Kamakura vegetables, Japanese bars, cafes in renovated traditional houses, bakeries, and French, Italian and Chinese restaurants. Below are some of the most popular cuisines and food which you can enjoy in the city.

Shojin cuisine (Buddhist cuisine)

Shojin cuisine mainly consists of grains and vegetables with no seafood or meat. This Japanese cuisine is cooked based on Buddhist precepts which aim to avoid the killing of living creatures and restrain worldly desires.

Shirasu (Whitebait)

Shirasu, young anchovies and sardines, are eaten raw, boiled in a big pot as "pot-boiled shirasu" or sun-dried in the form of a thin paper as "tatami iwashi".

Kamakura vegetables

Cultivated in Kamakura and its suburbs, vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, spinaches, radishes, Welsh onions, garden rockets and basils are popularly used at home as well as in restaurants in and outside the city.

Wagashi (Japanese sweets)

Wagashi are usually made from cereals such as Azuki beans, rice and wheat, fruits and agar.
Wagashi sold at Japanese cafes will make the fatigue of trip go away.